Wish you knew more about an organization’s culture before you spent all that time interviewing for that last job? Or, better yet, before you took the job offer?  You are not alone. 


Recent studies have shown that organizational culture is topping the charts of what’s most important to people in the workplace these days, even surpassing career opportunities, leadership, work-life balance, and compensation. The good news is, determining whether or not your values are in alignment with the organizations culture is a two-way street.  The bad news is, more often than not that street is littered with misinformation and wrong impressions.


Putting the shoe on the other foot, have you ever hired (or worked with) someone whose values weren’t in alignment with your organization’s culture? Did you wonder why they took the job in the first place? Was it painful to watch as this person struggled to perform? How much of their work did you have to take on when they finally gave up and left? Did you wish the whole situation could have been avoided?


Regardless of which of the two positions above you identify with (or perhaps it is both), there is a solution that is quickly gaining traction in today’s hiring processes.


Realistic Job Previews and Realistic Culture Previews (RCPs) are exactly what they sound like – a realistic preview of the job and the organization’s culture and values. The realistic part differentiates it from the typical “marketing” approach some organizations take when it comes to recruitment. You know the ones…where the career site or brochure make it sound as if this is the greatest company in the world to work for and everyone is happy and successful.


Realistic Job Previews and Realistic Culture Previews tell it like it is, including the parts that might lead to some applicants to opt out of the hiring process because they don’t feel like that organization shares the same values and beliefs. This is the beauty (and purpose) of an RCP, and the reason they are effective at reducing early turnover. By providing the candidate with a realistic preview of corporate culture, the power to determine whether or not there is a good “fit” lies with the candidate. If the alignment isn’t there, the candidate is spared the frustration of working for a company that doesn’t fully enable their success and satisfaction. Similarly, the company is spared the time and effort it took to hire, train, and eventually replace that employee.


RCPs can take various forms, from videos portraying the organizational culture and how the values manifest themselves in the daily work environment to interactive game-like experiences where candidates are given feedback on how well their behaviors align with corporate culture and values. Technology aside, it is highly recommended that RCPs are developed with the help of experts in order to maintain an unbiased, scientifically-based approach to defining, measuring, and describing organizational culture that is fair to those on both sides of the table. Done right, RCPs save time, money, and frustration, and ultimately ensure a good fit and higher probability of success for all involved.

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