Optimizing your Inclusion Strategy

Posted by CultureFactors on February 20, 2018

A Conceptual Blueprint for Optimizing the Benefits of Inclusion


Few things in life are simple, and even the simple things can get complicated. Building an inclusive culture and achieving the benefits of inclusion are not simple things, but there are ways to simplify it from a conceptual standpoint. Towards that end, we propose the following blueprint:


What’s your InQ? (Inclusion Quotient)

Posted by CultureFactors on October 25, 2017

You’ve seen the research revealing the benefits of a more inclusive culture. Your organization has emphasized the need to become more inclusive. You’ve been involved with (or perhaps even led) several initiatives to enhance your culture of inclusion. You’ve heard a few success stories and believe the strategy is working. But, you haven’t seen any hard data to back it up, and people are starting to ask questions. Unfortunately, as D&I and OD professionals, our situation is not unique.

CultureFactors Senior Research Fellow Wins Prestigious Award

Posted by CultureFactors on May 18, 2017

CHICAGO, IL – William H. Macey, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow with CultureFactors, received the 2017 Distinguished Professional Contributions Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) at its recent 32nd Annual Conference.

CultureFactors Welcomes William H. Macey, Ph.D., as Senior Research Fellow

Posted by CultureFactors on February 6, 2017

CHICAGO, IL - CultureFactors, a research-focused consulting firm specializing in culture measurement, leadership assessment and change management solutions, announced the hiring of Dr. William H. Macey as Senior Research Fellow on February 6, 2017. 


Managing Safety: The Role of Leadership in a Safety Culture

Posted by CultureFactors on October 25, 2016

Workplace accidents happen. So do injuries and illnesses. But at organizations with a clearly established safety culture, the rate of these occurrences is lower than at those without.

What Organizations Get Wrong About Service Climate

Posted by CultureFactors on September 7, 2016

Happy customers become loyal customers. And loyal customers? They’re the foundation of your business.

Reduce Employee Turnover With Realistic Job Previews

Posted by CultureFactors on July 28, 2016

Wish you knew more about an organization’s culture before you spent all that time interviewing for that last job? Or, better yet, before you took the job offer?  You are not alone. 


On Survey Benchmarks

Posted by CultureFactors on June 29, 2016

Both contemporary engagement surveys and culture surveys share a common emphasis on the use of pre-existing models or (proprietary) frameworks, benchmark comparisons or norms, and simple linear analytics to identify areas where increased management attention should be given in efforts to drive culture change. However, problems exist with this commonly used approach to survey development and analysis.

Why Do Corporate Cultures Change?

Posted by CultureFactors on June 14, 2016

Corporate cultures change incrementally based on how an organization adapts when faced with challenges, successes, and failures. The response to these situations demonstrates to employees what the organization values, and can ultimately lead to a shift in the assumptions about what is important: creating a change in the corporate culture.  

How Does Culture Strength Create Competitive Advantage?

Posted by CultureFactors on June 2, 2016

Corporate culture can be a source of true competitive advantage.  It’s the glue that serves to connect employees to the business, while also creating trust and a shared sense of purpose within the organization. Culture inspires loyalty, commitment, and a desire by employees to do the right thing. These factors create a powerful, and often unstoppable, advantage in the marketplace.